Our mission is to constantly strengthen, develop, and adopt business practices and resources
that are essential in fulfilling commitments to our partners.

Armature Inc aims to be one of the most preferred distribution companies in the Philippines.

Core Values

Excellence in Execution
Progressive in Outlook
Integrity in Character
Collective in Achieving Goals

  • To ensure regular and productive business calls and store visits

  • To ensure availability and on-time delivery of purchase orders

  • To give prompt alignment and support of programs and promotions

  • To provide business reviews to our top customers, and to help them identify business growth opportunities

  • To share knowledge and best practices that may help improve their business operations

  • To provide sufficient capitalization necessary to successfully operate our assigned business areas

  • To adopt effective and efficient management and logistics systems that support the principles and objectives of our business partners

  • To invest and provide the necessary workforce, vehicles, tools, and equipment, needed to achieve successful business operations

  • To provide regular updates and information relevant in monitoring and evaluating business performance

  • To provide sustained programs and training to help them develop valuable skills and gain expertise in the industry

  • To recognize and reward excellent performance and special contributions to the company

  • To develop and maintain a professional, harmonious, and healthy working environment